Arion Ocean

Arion Ocean

Arion Ocean's unique contemporary architectural style is visually strong, flowing and uplifting incorporating cutting edge principles of Sustainable Designs, Alternative Technology, and Passive Solar Energy. During his long experience as a practicing architect, Arion's academic and professional architectural experience has consistently been augmented by hands-on building experience. Since moving to the Byron Bay region of NSW Australia he has continued to build many of his own design projects and develop his personal aesthetic of Sacred Space Architecture.


2. South elevation

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This passive solar home is designed for the rugged alpine climate of the Rocky Mountains. The design incorporates numerous sustainable features that allow the house to maintain even thermal comfort through out the year, such as adequate thermal mass, super insulation, solar orientation with shading and the addition of Hi-Tech Heat Mirror insulating glass.

This Home designed for a property just on the outskirts of Byron Bay is a synthesis of contemporary architecture and Balinese design.

This home is designed for a precipitous site over looking Aspen and the infamous ajax ski slopes just above the township. The main design objective was to design a completely unique home for the clients that met their program requirements but was a departure from the hard edged mountain architecture. Curvilinear forms are used as a way to soften the architecture and allow the structure to meld into the steep terrain.

 Arion Ocean of Sacred Space Architecture is a leader in contemporary design incorporating principles of Sustainable Designs, Alternative Technology, and Passive Solar Energy. Currently servicing  the Northern Rivers, Byron Shire and Gold Coast regions but with a portfolio of international clients, the Sacred Architecture design practice is at the cutting edge of contemporary use of materials, with a unique aesthetic that brings a joy to your living space.

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