4. Aqua Trombe Passive Solar Home

Aqua Trombe  Passive Solar Home Aqua Trombe Passive Solar Home

This home is nestled in the Wine region of the Sonoma Valley in Northern California. The design incorporates many passive solar design features, such as a huge expanse of Sun shaded glass for winter solar gain, super insulated walls, stair towers that use thermal chimney affect for cooling, internal concrete thermal mass in the form of concrete peers which support the structure, provide lighting nooks and also is used in the greenhouse bridge connection as a waterfall wall collector. The Aqua Trombe wall is designed to pre-heat domestic hot water, provide humidification as a waterfall element and animates the interior space with water sheeting down internal glass walls.  

Arion Ocean

Arion Ocean's unique contemporary architectural style is visually strong, flowing and uplifting incorporating cutting edge principles of Sustainable Designs, Alternative Technology, and Passive Solar Energy. During his long experience as a practicing architect, Arion's academic and professional architectural experience has consistently been augmented by hands-on building experience. Since moving to the Byron Bay region of NSW Australia he has continued to build many of his own design projects and develop his personal aesthetic of Sacred Space Architecture.


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