1. Contemporary Balinese House Byron Bay

This Home designed for a property just on the outskirts of Byron Bay is a synthesis of contemporary architecture and Balinese design.

The overall design concept was generated from the integration of a recycled hand carved post and beam timber structure “Juggula” imported from Java. The “Juggula” provides for the internal support structure as well as defining the major spaces allows for centrally located roof clear stories. The exterior walls of the house add another layer of richness to the spaces being a combination of timber post, rendered block and hand craved stone around the windows. Essentially the design is 2 pavilions linked by a connecting space that orientates to the sun with generous decks as a surround. This home is perfect match for the client who believes Bali is Heaven.

Arion Ocean

Arion Ocean's unique contemporary architectural style is visually strong, flowing and uplifting incorporating cutting edge principles of Sustainable Designs, Alternative Technology, and Passive Solar Energy. During his long experience as a practicing architect, Arion's academic and professional architectural experience has consistently been augmented by hands-on building experience. Since moving to the Byron Bay region of NSW Australia he has continued to build many of his own design projects and develop his personal aesthetic of Sacred Space Architecture.