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Intimate family home, simple and elegant. Designed and built by Arion Ocean.

Star Mesa is a high elevation plateau that sits just outside Aspen. This home is perched right at the edge of the plateau overlooking the Sopris Mountains.

This passive solar house is designed to be a progression of spaces that start at the arrival point and entry and end at the living dining at the far end.

The exterior walk is the generator creating an elongated design to take in the extensive mountain ranges in the distance.

This home is in intimate connection with the ground as it gently steps up along the escarpment.  

My latest project, “The Ark”, was designed collaboratively with the owners, taking their lifestyle and preferences into every aspect of the building. From my perspective, the real magic happens as a creative act that captures the essence of the client’s way of living inside and out and the interface between the two. This has resulted in the clients reporting that the house is a joy to live in with its spacious light filled spaces and the flow of one room to another affording special framed views of the ocean in the distance.

This home is nestled in the Wine region of the Sonoma Valley in Northern California. The design incorporates many passive solar design features, such as a huge expanse of Sun shaded glass for winter solar gain, super insulated walls, stair towers that use thermal chimney affect for cooling, internal concrete thermal mass in the form of concrete peers which support the structure, provide lighting nooks and also is used in the greenhouse bridge connection as a waterfall wall collector. The Aqua Trombe wall is designed to pre-heat domestic hot water, provide humidification as a waterfall element and animates the interior space with water sheeting down internal glass walls.  

2. South elevation

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This passive solar home is designed for the rugged alpine climate of the Rocky Mountains. The design incorporates numerous sustainable features that allow the house to maintain even thermal comfort through out the year, such as adequate thermal mass, super insulation, solar orientation with shading and the addition of Hi-Tech Heat Mirror insulating glass.

This Home designed for a property just on the outskirts of Byron Bay is a synthesis of contemporary architecture and Balinese design.